На основании информации, полученной из средств массовой информации и интернет-ресурсов корпорации Oracle, стало известно, что корпорация Oracle приостановила все операции на территории Российской Федерации.

Однако, понимая всю важность для бизнеса систем, в которых используются технологии Oracle, ООО «ФОРС Дистрибуция» продолжает оказывать услуги технической поддержки программного обеспечения и оборудования Oracle, а также технологического консалтинга для своих партнеров и их заказчиков.

«ФОРС Дистрибуция» обладает многолетним опытом и эффективной практикой в области программного обеспечения, программно-аппаратных комплексов, облачных сервисов, услуг по тестированию и миграции комплексных решений.

Мы стремимся предоставить своим партнерам и клиентам возможность использования самых эффективных решений, открывающих новые перспективы для бизнеса.

Private Cloud Appliance

Easy-to-deploy private cloud for hosting providers and corporate data centers
Oracle PCA is turnkey solution for private cloud
Step 1:
Install the appliance into data center
Step 2:
Connect the power, the network, and storage cables
Step 3:
Oracle PCA automatically powers up, installs, and configures the hardware and the software environment
Step 4:
Add VMs by using standard Oracle VM templates
Step 5:
Your private cloud is ready
It integrates compute, network and storage resources in a software-defined fabric to enable agile and efficient data center deployments within 1 hour
Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
management nodes are in the fault-tolerances cluster
compute nodes are expandable form 2 up to 25
storage appliance
network infrastructure: virtualization, switching and management
virtualization platform and a controller software
includes everything to start your private cloud:
Your Private Cloud, Your Way
Private cloud appliance
on premise
Private cloud
at customer
Complete a security and control in your data center
Flexible cloud service that you can expand and contract as necessary
choose your cloud consumption model
Exclusive Oracle license policy "Trusted Partitions"
Available on Oracle hardware solutions only
According to Oracle licensing rules for classical infrastructure and virtualization it is necessary to license Oracle software for all server cores on which this software can run, even if some of the cores are not currently used by Oracle software.

Trusted Partitioning enables efficient database software licensing, so you pay only for the cores you use and not for the full system capacity.
Benefits of Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
Oracle Private Cloud Appliance speeds up deployment of the full hardware-to-applications stack, so you can get applications to users within hours, not days or weeks
This solution leverages a software-defined network fabric, allowing installation and configuration of servers and storage to be accomplished through software. No more physical re-cabling to reconfigure your environment.
For one price, you can get all hardware and software needed, including virtualization and control software. Flexible licensing model allows you to pay for the cores you use and not for the full system capacity that reduce total cost up to 30-50%
Lower risk with one easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage system that is preconfigured to reduce configuration errors.
Scaling linearly over time to meet performance demands and business growth. Increase computing power, both through the acquisition of additional server units in the rack, and by connecting to a single managed environment of storage systems
Time to value
Reduce complexity
Reduce total cost
Lower risks
Single vendor support for full hardware and software stack. Automated system monitors all components with predictive analysis.
administration can be performed by one specialist instead of whole team
one platform can be used simultaneously for several external or internal customers with a maximum utilization rate
all licenses for virtualization and management are already included in PCA price
Oracle PCA platform allows
reduced operational costs for deployment and maintenance of the platform
unified technical support for hardware and software components from one vendor with Automatic Service Request
5x total cost reduction
of private cloud infrastructure ownership
Hosting provider from France created its own Oracle PCA-based cloud platform
Many customers use databases hosting services constantly or temporarily
Different ways of use for different customers: a development, mergers and acquisitions, a launch of new business applications, etc.
Constantly changing resource requirements
The cloud service Atos Virtual Oracle Computing Hotel based on Private Cloud Appliance Platform
Scalable platform, ready for a workload and number of customers growth
Flexibility of various application usage scenarios and automation of deployment and management processes
A cost-effective licensing: pay only for the cores used
85% reduction of infrastructure management costs
80% reduction of a complexity of system maintenance
More success stories of Oracle PCA users
20% reduction of licensing costs
Solution of problems with performance degradation
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